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Gathering of Like Minds…

It's Free! No experience needed & ALL are welcome!

It's the last Thursday of the month from 10:45am-12pm;

Thursday, January 25th

Thursday, February 22nd

Thursday, March 29th

Thursday, April 26th

The purpose of this gathering is to share in community(sangha). As we practice and begin to observe our thoughts questions may rise, patterns are discovered, and feelings unveiled. This may be an incredible time for growth, contemplation, and community ~ you are not alone! This 75 minute offering allows us to contemplate, focus, and/or shift our feelings both intellectually and emotionally in a positive light. Give yourself permission to sit quietly to listen, kindly contribute ideas and or thoughts, and feel a sense of be-ing with a group with absolutely no judgement. Your Sangha is a powerful tool that can and may assist in riding the waves of life bringing softness, clarity, and awareness.

This is not a workshop! We are students and teachers of life - together we are better. We can learn together, and hold space for each other. If you have topics you would like to discuss, I invite you to email or talk with me before hand. 

Please feel free to bring a drink and/or snack. There are drinks available for cash purchase.