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Oh yogi sisters! I am so excited and invite you to take a look at this amazing space called "My Divine Compass" aka MDC! I have recently become one of the collaborators of this empowering sister tribe. I am so honored to be apart of this world wide women's community with MDC's Founder Tara Fournier and many other strong and creatively inspiring women.

Tara and I began working side by side at Yoga DiVita in 2015. There maybe 1000's of miles between us now, but we are still working together! I am super excited to co-lead with Tara in the "Abundant & Balanced Woman's Yoga Retreat" here in North Myrtle Beach March of 2018. Click here for more info on the retreat.

I encourage you to take a look here and on their website. You will find numerous topics that will resonate with you here and on the MDC website.

Click here to read more about My Divine Compass!

Topics include: Yoga, Womens Empowerment Retreats, Self-Care, Self-Love, Female community, Inspirations, holistic health

It is ALL FREE & a click away! 

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MDC is a sisterhood community where we are FREE to share our true authentic selves, our feelings, our current life situations, our triumphs and our defeats without fear of judgment. 

MDC is a support system. 

MDFacebook Group - click here.