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Become The Power

A Women's Gathering

with Jessica Durivage & Dawn DiVita

Saturday, January 20th @ 4pm-7pm

$25 per student. Click here to register!


Chant of the empowered woman:

“I cannot afford to be stressed: EVER.

Stress steals life and energy from me and it’s not invited into my life.

I am a creative and sensual being.Vitality runs through my veins. I nourish these energy and am connected to the power of life herself.

I know that when I run on an empty tank, depleted and exhausted that I become a danger to myself and others, making poor choices and mistakes that require further energy to resolve. I take time to nurture my mind, body and spirit through rest and self-care.

My yoga and self-care practices support me in accepting the ever-changing cycles of my life rather than resisting them.

I am wisdom, radiance, beauty, and power embodied.”

What is it to be a woman working with the cycles of her life?

● How can our yoga practice support our experience of being deeply connected to ourselves at this particular time in our lives?

● How can our yoga practice hinder or obstruct our passage to power?

● What is Changing, in us and around us?

● What are we afraid of?

● How do our past experiences with our cycles support, empower and prepare us for the future?

The heart of a positive yogic response to change is to embrace the experience as a fabulous opportunity for re-evaluation, reflection and change at every level of being.

Learning to deeply care and nurture ourselves as well as cultivating a sharp awareness for when we need to tend to ourselves or are becoming depleted support any change we might experience in our lives with more ease, tenderness and self-understanding.

This gathering will offer practices and tools to grounnd us deep in our bodies, as well as foster community and support through discussion and sharing with other women - exchanging wisdom and love.

4:00-4:30 - Yoga Nidra

4:30-5:00 - Introductions

5:00-6:00 - Lecture/Yoga Practice/Meditation

6:00-7:00 - Circle/Sharing

***A light snack and beverage will be offered during the event.

Jessica's Bio;

"Jessica loves bringing people together for healing, for purpose, and in the name of love..." Click here to read more.