A Balanced Life with Clarity

Learn more about how to do it.

A Month of Exploration

Humans love to create habits. Some are good and some, well not so good. This is where you get to explore all the yoga tools offered to create balance on the mat which will trickle into your life. 

Allow yourself to sit in the seat as a beginner student to navigate new classes and styles to see what you learn along the way.

Begin with a FREE 7 Day Exploration of the online classes offered. At anytime, you decide when to move into a guided month of creating complete equanimity on the mat.  The monthly membership is only $14.99. You can cancel at anytime or upgrade to save money.

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Facebook Group Page

You are not alone! We crave connection, inspiration, and need encouragement. Especially when embarking on something new. This group is open for all to participate.

Accountability! A home practice is one of the hardest things to begin and stay devoted to. This group page is where we get to encourage, support, and share how we are doing along the way. Post what inspires you. Acknowledge those who show up. I will be here for you too. Invite friends and family too!

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The 1st Month Towards Balance

No surprises here! There are 2 months of downloadable or printable calendars to get you started on making positive habits for positive changes in your life. Take the edge off and know, BELIEVE you can do this! If you skip a day, get back on track. No guilt, shame, or worries - just do it!

Month 1

The 2nd Month is Impressionable

Once you reach Day 40 you have now begun to create new habits to connect to where you are and where you want to go. You begin to see more clearly how you react and respond in life. With this knowledge, you begin to consciously direct the decisions towards living a balanced life.  

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