Registration Closes TONIGHT, 9.22.2023 @ 9pm EST

40 Day Sadhana ~ Fall Into Your Greatness

Opening Ceremony is Saturday, September 23rd
9am-10am EST

Sadhana begins Sunday, September 24th from 7am-7:20am EST

Fall into your greatness one day at a time with a daily spiritual practice, a sadhana!

Why now? Metaphorically, Fall refers to the harvest of the goals and intentions you set or planted when the year started and how those have been evolving or growing.

How’s it going?

This is a good time to consider what no longer serves you, what you need to let go of, and what needs to wither away. Some of our intentions and goals are often blocked by limiting beliefs, life circumstances, or lack of willpower.

It is time for YOU to meet yourself where you are every day in a space of love, kindness, and encouragement within a sacred container.

On the first day of Fall, September 23rd, join us in an opening ceremony. From 9am -10am EST, we will go over the ease and importance of this practice, create our individual intentions, and of course, be guided in a delightful practice. All the classes will be hosted in a Zoom class, as well as they will be recorded and sent to your email address for you to participate when aligned for your life.

On September 24th at 7am EST and for a consecutive 40 days, you will embark on the powerful benefits of a daily sadhana (spiritual practice). This sacred time will include pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and kundalini yoga. It will be an easeful and accessible practice.

I promise YOU CAN DO IT!

This container will offer you time to connect in body, mind, and spirit. All the LIVE class offerings will be from 7am-7:20am EST and the recording will be emailed out later that same day.

20-minutes a day!!!

An Energy Exchange of $40 is appreciated.

There is a Facebook private group that will provide a safe space for you to share, encourage others, and receive support. Starting anything new and sticking to it is hard. This group will help hold you accountable and move you toward your highest potential.

Yoga Bhajan said, "Show up and you will be kept up".

This is an opportunity to experience how a regular home practice can change your life for the better. Some benefits for the physical, mental, energetic, and emotional bodies may include:
Clarity of mind
Better sleep
Improved focus
Decreased stress
Increased energy
Reduced chronic pain and inflammation
Increased mobility, strength, and flexibility
Awareness & Connection
Increased radiance & vitality

This is open for all levels of students to participate. You may use a chair or begin seated on the floor. Modifications will be offered. It is NOT about what you cannot do but where you will go if you begin where you are now.

Let's SOAR together! 
BONUS; you will have access to all the videos as they are created and after the completion of our 40-day sadhana!

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