Change begins with a new choice 

40 Days to New Beginnings

January 1st, 2023 through February 9th, 2023
20 minutes per day at 7 am EST
Pranayama. Meditation. Yoga Practice.
Energy Exchange of $40

Transformation to Manifestation begins on January 1st! It is time for you to create new healthy habits while breaking old limiting beliefs. This is a sacred private group offering a daily Live class moving you towards your goals. **The live class will be recorded to watch the replay for your convenience.

On January 1st and for a consecutive 40 days after you will incorporate the powerful benefits of a daily sadhana (spiritual practice). This sacred time will include pranayama (breathwork), meditation, and yoga. It will be an easeful and accessible 20 minutes long so I promise YOU CAN DO IT!

This container will offer you time to connect in body, mind, and spirit. The LIVE class offering will be at 7amEST. The recording will be posted shortly after.

Energy exchange of $40 is appreciated.

The private group will be a safe space for you to share, encourage others, and receive support. Starting anything new and sticking to it is hard. This group will help hold you stay accountable and move you toward your highest potential. Yoga Bhajan said, "show up and you will be kept up".

This is an opportunity to experience how a regular home practice can change your life for the better. Some benefits for the physical, mental, energetic, and emotional bodies may include:
Clarity of mind
Better sleep
Improved focus
Decreased stress
Increased energy
Reduced chronic pain and inflammation
Increased mobility, strength, and flexibility
Awareness & Connection
Increased radiance & vitality

This is open for all levels of students to participate. You may use a chair or begin seated on the floor. Modifications will be offered.

It is NOT about what you cannot do but where you will go if you begin where you are now.
Let's SOAR together!

Once you sign up, you will be invited to the private Facebook group!

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