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Goddess Chakra Retreat 
September 29th -  October 2nd
Cherry Grove Beach, SC

Everything is made up of this amazing power. Some of us humans run energetically fast, some slow, and some move in both directions within one day or even one hour.

Do you understand yours?
What if you became the master of creating an energetic home that is balanced?
Imagine living a life full of strength and vitality not only required for sustained physical or mental activity, but to thrive within it!

This 3-night, 4-day retreat moves us deep within the chakra system. The chakras are concentrated centers of spinning wheels of energy and light. This system has the loving responsibility of taking in, incorporating and emanating energy to keep us functioning at optimal levels. Our well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally is totally and beautifully intertwined with our energetic body.

You will leave the retreat with tools to feed your whole self physically, mentally, and energetically. Imagine knowing where you are and having the equipment to get to where you want to go.

Open for all to participate.
Teachers are eligible for CEU's.

Beach House

The spectacular Abercrombie and Fish Beach House is located across the street from the ocean in Cherry Grove Beach, SC. Our sessions will be in various places: on the breath taking beach, rooftop over-looking the ocean and marsh, and within the beautiful beach house.

The practices could feel like a meditative walk on the beach, yoga nidra under the sun or moon, moving to cleanse and clear stagnant energy, or seated quietly surrounded by stillness and tranquility.

Is there time for exploration, pampering, and relaxation? The first of October is a balmy 75-80 degrees during the day and 60 degrees at night. You will have free-time on Friday and Saturday from 12pm-4pm. Spend it enjoying the property; spa, inground pool, multiple covered porches, roof top deck. The house is across the street from the beach and a short distance to adventure the town.

 Give yourself permission to drop into what and how can I empower myself to move me towards a life filled with love, prosperity, and good health.

BONUS Pampering: Reiki Attunements & Facials by appointment only.


 Stay at the House
Join us for the Program Only

The Program Includes 6
Four Hour Sessions 
• Learn and practice the meditations, pranayamas(breathing practices), and yoga asana techniques to help balance the chakras.
• Develop awareness around food to nourish and support ourselves anatomically and energetically. Wonderful meals will be provided with options of vegan, vegetarian, and meat. All dietary needs will be considered.
• Enriching lectures to explore what and how our chakra system works within the physical, psychological, and emotional functions of each major one.
• Tools and techniques will be shared to navigate a lifestyle supporting an energetic life filled with strength, abundance, and connection. 

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