Trust those who have practiced with Yoga DiVita over the years.
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Transformation. I started attending Dawn’s studio classes and patiently and lovingly watched myself transform physically and spiritually. Dawn is kind, sincere and gentle and has a passion for the transformative power of Kundalini yoga. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to practice with Dawn for almost a year and look forward to returning to her classes whenever I am in Little River. Be kind to yourself and attend a class with her. Thank you Dawn for creating such a warm and loving space.

Susan Kautz

Wanted to share this information. I personally have attended Dawn’s classes when I lived at the beach. She has a wonderful gift and she keeps your mind healthy and your body moving. I have attended many Yoga Classes since leaving the beach and do not experience the benefits found with her technique and teaching. She has a gift to shut down the brain and focus on “You”! Love you Dawn and much success to your online practice.

Cheryl Kyle

Whenever I lose my balance, I return here. Dawn's positivity & very real presence bring great energy, as does being with others striving for balance & clarity. I leave strong, with love in my heart for myself & everything around me. Ohm shanti.

Joyce Karyn

I am relatively new to yoga, and even newer to NMB. With Dawn, I have found a calm and loving voice to guide me in my developing practice, and an environment that challenges me physically and emotionally. Peace.

Diana Viotti

"Life is an adventure. Nevertheless my weekly gentle yoga Is a healthy opportunity to reflect on my congruency."

Roger Quinn

Hey Dawn, I absolutely love the online classes. Perfect for anytime I am not here or have meetings and can't make it to the studio. Keep up the work and thank you for adding this tool to get people back on the mat...Dan

Dan Adams

"Hi Dawn, Last night I practiced Kundalini, beginners. It was the first time for this yoga! I have not practiced because of TKR. It was phenomenal. The modifications were exactly what I needed. Thank you for this online series!!!❤️ I also did meditation which I loved it! Your guidance makes it all just flow. Thank you! I am going to change from monthly to the year!"

Denise Carr

Warning: you will LOVE it. Yoga. It all started for me at  Yoga DiVita and studio owner named Dawn. Needless to say, she is amazing! Well, I'm living in PA now and found another great studio that I adore. However, my schedule doesn't always allow for a class at the studio. So recently Dawn started online classes. While I love being in the studio for verbal cues, adjustments and just the overall vibe I have found online classes to be a great addition to my practice. First of all it's your space so that's a plus. Second, it's always available...it meets me where I am and isn't that the point in the first place? You will not be disappointed. 

Lisa Carrigan

As a new resident in NMB, my necessities were: a) Find a yogi who honors the ancient & b) Create a new community. Because of Dawn & the other lovely hearts attracted to her buoyant, bright, kind & knowledgeable ways, I have both! Sat Nam! Namaste!

Susan Fisher

Meditating in Hannawa Falls, NY with Yoga Divita Online Yoga Source. Taking Dawn with me wherever I go 😂. Thank you Dawn and Celydn for making this wonderful yoga source possible.

Virginia Myers

I began practicing with Dawn nearly 5 years ago and I continue to be amazed by her joyful passion for teaching, learning, and sharing. I'm deeply grateful for her guidance, wisdom, encouragement, and the loving, welcoming community of Yoga Divita.

Maddy Epstein

I have been with Dawn for years. I am stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually under her tutelage. Love her and her classes.

Ann Miller

Dawn, I am traveling this week, but still benefiting from your classes ....online! So enjoying this opportunity to not only continue my practice, but also choose from your various classes! And I still get to hear..."one more breath"! 💕

Kathy Gray

Peace, joy, and ongoing comfort...all to be found here...thank you!

Sandy Reghetti

"Dawn’s faith in me and her love, and dedication to the practice brought me back to movement and ease after my 2nd hip replacement. She is knowledgeable, caring and patient, and gives attention to each student in class, whether there are 5 or 30."

Janet Hosmer

I have know Dawn for many years and appreciate her passion, honesty and genuine concern for her students. She is an outstanding teacher..She is a very happy woman, and her classes generate happiness, peace and well being..love you, 

Judy DiVita

"I love Yoga DiVita Online!! I am grateful for Dawn's online classes! On my ""lazy"" days, I can do my practice at my ""leisure!"" Busy days, appointment days, or days we have company, a yoga workout is as near as my phone and on ""my time!!!!"" Dawn's online classes have encouraged me to make my own ""studio!!!"" For me, it is peaceful to hear Dawn's voice and to enjoy my practice in my own ""space""! ( Kundalini & Hatha are my favs) Having a choice for my yoga practice is working well for me!!! Thanks Dawn for Yoga DiVita Online! I Love and Appreciate YOU Jean for sharing!"

Jean Alala

I stumbled upon this wonderful little yoga studio, Yoga DiVita, many years ago when life had shown me challenges. I was grieving the loss of my fiancé Michael, and trying my best to keep myself together. Well I stopped in and attended a class the very next morning. I rented a mat, paid the drop in fee and thought let’s see what happens. I was met by a group of the kindest women you could expect to meet, and I loved it. I continued to practice at Yoga DiVita when I am in town. One day I realized that I had finally found peace, and I found it right here at Yoga DiVita. Unfortunately today, I’m not able to get there often and I truly miss everyone. Yoga for me is about the peace of mind, and that voice that is guiding you, encouraging you...at Yoga DiVita that voice is Dawn, and I’ve missed her. So happy to see she is now offering an online program. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I will be buying an online subscription, and I will be practicing from New York. If you’re at the beach, or want to check them out online, please join me. Tell them The Part Time Local- Myrtle Beach sent you. I hope you’ll love your time on the mat as much as I have. Namaste

Vivian Veazy

Yoga Divita is my very first experience with yoga. I didn’t know what to expect. If I would be able to do it at all. Dawn is wonderful, very encouraging, informative, gentle and kind while also pushing you to do more. I also enjoy how she teaches us not only the meanings of what we are saying and doing but what benefit each posture has for our body and mind. All while laughing. I absolutely love going to class. An added benefit I feel great and have made many new friends. I love your online classes. I am grateful to be able to continue my practice during this quarantine. Thank you Dawn

Toni McGuire

I want to thank you for putting out the 30 day challenge for May. I decided to try it and have done very well. So far I haven't missed a day. I like that it guides me into types of yoga I haven't attempted before. I walk outside everyday and now the addition of the yoga everyday gives me balance. My stress levels have definitely gone down since doing both the meditation and the yoga on a more regular basis. My sleep has also improved which I am so grateful for. I intend on continuing to meet the challenge and go all the way to the end. My dog, Gracie, was a little confused at first by the chanting, but she is growing used to it and tends to come to my side and lean in when I'm doing it...so funny.


I fell in love with Dawn’s classes over a decade ago. You can feel the authenticity in her presence, her approach, and her style. Having moved out of the North Myrtle Beach area after finishing grad school years ago I am now able to practice with Dawn all the way in Boston through her online platform. I have been working through the Kundalini series which is a style I’ve never tried before. I’ve been loving how the Kundalini practice makes my body, mind, and energy feel AND because I get to learn the chants, find my voice, and try something new in the comfort of my home.